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[마케팅 리서치 협회]

한국 마케팅 여론 조사 협회
Japan Marketing Research Association
World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals (formerly European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research)
[마케팅 리서치 잡지 / 뉴스]

Research World (오프라인)
Quirk's (온/오프라인)

Research Magazine (온/오프라인)
MrWeb (온라인)
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CNNMoney, March 20, 2008: 06:54 PM EST
An audit committee investigation sparked by the lawsuit found there was no evidence for one claim in the lawsuit _ that the size of an online panel was misrepresented. However, the investigation did find accounting errors related to revenue recognition.

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History of Market Research

For 60 years, ESOMAR has been at the heart of market research. From those early days, when market research was tentatively finding its place in society and business, to the sophisticated industry it is today, we are proud always to have pioneered best practice, standards and knowledge by reflecting the developing needs, concerns and interests of market researchers worldwide.

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We have decided to look at the history, the present and glance at the future of market research. Starting 210 years ago with Thomas Malthus, we have gone on a journey to see the influence that research has had on developing a huge range of areas of life, from business and industry, to health care, to the way we govern our societies.

The picture that ‘Insight Track’ paints is of an industry that never stands still and that plays a much more significant role than anyone might think. But the story doesn’t stop there. We want to use the map as a starting point for an ongoing, collaborative piece of research on Research itself, which anyone can contribute to and which we can build together to be a unique resource for the industry.

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